About Us

Evan McLaughlin

Evan has been working in the construction industry for over 25 years. He began watching and learning from his father who ran his own company as Evan and his brothers where growing up. A natural love for the industry led him to create his own renovation company before he graduated high school.

Evan has since owned companies and worked for some of the largest builders in Toronto. His experience and need for perfection leaves his clients feeling confident and secure when he is involved with their projects.

The process of creating something from nothing and turning other’s dreams into reality inspires Evan to continue to grow and learn.

Howard McLaughlin

Passionate about renovation from an early age, Howard assisted his father on renovation projects, learning the tools of the trade and building the foundation for his knowledge.

Howard’s entrepreneurial spirit since led to 12 years experience in property investment and management and over 15 years experience in business ownership.

With the founding of Better Built Renovations, Howard had the opportunity to turn his passion into his business. His love of construction and natural inclination to taking care of the detail shines through with the quality of every project he delivers.