The Better Built Process


Before anything else, we like to get to know our clients by asking - why are you doing this reno? This shows us your frame of mind and makes it easier for us to see things your way. Once we have thoroughly discussed the why, we can start going over the project; time frame, budget and style.

Preliminary project plan

At this stage we have an understanding of what you want and it's time for us to start putting the project in motion. We will come up with a starter budget, start time and time line.

Zoning and building code check

We will inform you about which permits are needed, zoning requirements or possible city issues.


We will now have enough information to present a detailed quote. In some cases, design and engineering will be done before this, but many clients will ask us to handle the design and engineering of their project.

Design and engineering

We will sit down with the architect or the designer and start the final design planning stage of your project. Many times we will have all parties present at this stage architect, designer, engineer and any other specialty firm or company that is needed to collaborate on the decision process.

Finishing schedule

We will work with you to define the finishing details for your renovation, for example selecting paint colour, trim work, flooring choices, handles.

Project plan

We can now lay out a comprehensive plan of the projected work. Start date, time line and any cost changes that may be required after the final design decisions.


Permit applications can be submitted once all planning and drawings are complete


Start day. Demo and explore to ensure all is as we have discussed. Now that all walls are opened, we can survey your home to make sure all was built correctly and there are no major issues.

Plan revision

Depending on how demo went we may have to review and insert changes to the project plan. Moving forward from here all is very clear and it is unlikely we will come across any other changes to the contract.


We mobilize materials, machinery, tools and personnel to get the project executed.

Final Inspection

The final step – we will do a final walk through of the finished project with you, deliver and review your warranty